When you purchase a home theater system or audio equipment, it is more than your everyday transaction.  It is an investment that can add quality and ambiance to your life at home. We are committed to guiding your in your search for the best fit and match in order to create the perfect home theater and audio experience.


Your personal space and room is just as important as any other components to your home audio system.  Calibration analyzes how audio signals behave in your unique space and is necessary in order to properly set up your system for optimal performance.  With proper calibration you will experience subtleties such as rain hitting the pavement, crystal clear voices, lifelike sound effects and full, smooth sound.  You will be overwhelmed with the experience and sense of “being right in the action”.

ISF Certified

ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) was set up in order to promote high standards in retailers and manufacturers in regard to video playback.  Our ISF certification insures that our technician who will be working with you understands how to draw the absolute best quality from your personal equipment, and is able to set up your display equipment to give it true picture excellence. When the image you are looking at is correctly configured you will immediately enjoy the benefits of true picture excellence.